Timber Sales in Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia FAQ

How do I sell my timber?

To sell timber, it is best to educate yourself on the actual timber sale process as many
complex factors will come into play once the process has begun. Knowing what to
expect may save you a lot of time and money (not to mention headaches or regret.)

First understand that by hiring a forester or market professional, you are sure to gain
the most money for your timber. It is a proven fact that by obtaining professional
timber sale administration services, you can expect to increase your revenues by
30-70% How? You will know exactly how much to expect for your timber. Selling on
your own often results in sawmills or wood corporations sending out buyers that will
take advantage of your lack of knowledge. These companies only want one thing: to
buy your timber for the lowest price to gain the most profit. By obtaining our
services, the buyers will realize (and bid accordingly) that you, indeed, know what
kind of dollar figure to expect! NGF works for the landowner not the sawmills, wood
corporations or government. We work for you and only you!

Also, take a look at the ten basics steps to selling timber article.

"When is a good time to sell timber?"

Lumber prices fluctuate constantly due to a number of factors in our economy.
Anytime could be a good time to sell timber due to the volume to be sold, quality,
tallies, mill location, shipping times, transportation modes, and any other
variables that may affect prices with various timber markets in Ohio, Kentucky and
West Virginia. Often times a market professional can locate niche markets that may
pay more for certain species depending on the mills current demands.

"What tree species bring the most money?"

Generally speaking, most hardwood species such as, Northern Red Oak, Black Oak,
White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Sugar (Hard) Maple, Red (Soft) Maple, Black Cherry and
Black Walnut bring higher prices as compared to softer species.

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If you have questions regarding timber sales or forest management in Ohio, Kentucky
or West Virginia, please email or call us, we would be happy to help.

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How Do I Sell My Timber?
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